Logic and interaction (6 – 10 February)

This week is dedicated to the theme of interactive approaches of logic: models and fameworks in which the fundamental mechanism is that of a dialog between proofs and counter-proofs. Areas of interest notably include the Geometry of interaction programme, aiming at a reconstruction of logic from interaction as the primitive notion, considered as an abstract counterpart of cut elimination; the study of mathematical structures that represent dialog processes (game semantics, ludics), including recent developments at the boundary between mathematical logic and linguistics.


Invited speakers

  • Michele Abrusci (Roma, Italy)
  • Dan Ghica (Birmingham, UK)
  • Kurt Ranalter (Bolzano, Italy)
  • Paolo Pistone (Roma, Italy)


The mornings will be structured in tutorials. The afternoons are intended to be a space for the researchers to discuss recent developments and open issues, and will be open to contributions.

Call for contributions

Researchers and students who wish to speak at this workshop can propose a title and a short abstract. These have to be send to the three organizers: faggian@pps.jussieu.fr, olivier.laurent@ens-lyon.fr, quatrini@iml.univ-mrs.fr.

  • Deadline for talk proposals: 15 December 2011