Quantitative approaches (20 – 24 February)

This week aims to bring together the different approaches that extend the classical correspondence between proofs and programs to models where a quantitative aspect is significant. From the computer science perspective, the two mainly concerned areas are quantum computing and stochastic systems, approached in particular through algebraic extensions of the λ-calculus. On the logical side, topics of interest mainly involve differential linear logic and related quantitative denotational models.


Invited speakers

Call for contribution

The week will be open to contributions on the various aspects of the quantitative approaches, included (non exclusively):

  • quantitative semantics
  • logical approaches to probabilistic computation
  • logical approaches to quantum computation
  • algebraic extensions of lambda-calculus and linear logic
  • ressource calculi

Submission procedure

Abstracts up to 3 pages for contributed talks in the week must be submitted electronically as pdf files to the four organizers:

  • michele.pagani@lipn.univ-paris13.fr
  • simon.perdrix@imag.fr
  • selinger@mathstat.dal.ca
  • christine.tasson@pps.jussieu.fr

Submissions of abstracts on published work are allowed.

Important dates

Abstract submission: December, 15th (extended)

Notification: January, 3rd